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If you are a member you have received links to join the classes by email and/or pushed to your phone via the MyStudio App. If you do not have the app you can download it by searching “MyStudio App”.  The school code is 8133300591.


Live Stream Schedule

The live stream schedule is below.  Click on the blue class name to access the class.



Class 1: Functional Fitness: 12 PM 



Class 1: Kids Jiu-Jitsu: 3:30 PM



Class 1: Functional Fitness: 12 PM 



Class 1: Pilates: 12 PM

Class 2: Kids Jiu-Jitsu3:30 PM


Live Stream Best Practices


When you hop on a Live Stream via Zoom, if you have a webcam, turn it on!  We’d love to see the kiddos/fam working out with us. It creates another exciting level of engagement and so far, it’s been a blast! One small request, when you hop on, please hit the mute button on your microphone. As hosts of the meeting, we’ll be diligent about hitting the “mute all” button on our side. This is important since whoever talks last has their video take up the screen real estate. That can definitely be confusing when you’re trying to follow along.

Technique and Flow Videos


Adult/Teen Virtual Classes

Leg Lock Flows

Movement Solo Drills