Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Classes usually begin by lining up with the instructor(s) at the front of the room facing the students. The students will be in single lines in rank order from right to left. Once we bow into class we will begin a 10 to 15 minute warm-up including some core exercises to get your body prepared for training. 

After the warm up, you will learn and/or drill one to three techniques (sweeps, escapes, or submissions). The training session will end with sparring sessions where competitors start the match on their knees. We start from the knees primarily for the safety of everyone on the mat. When a lot of students are training at the same time takedowns can result in injuries. We do have classes dedicated to takedowns, as they are an important part of BJJ; they are just not a part of most sparring sessions. 

BJJ is a journey! It won’t come easy at first but with patience and consistency you will learn. How quickly you progress will depend on your physical attributes, prior martial arts/wrestling training, and how often you train (you must train at least two days a week to improve but the more you train the quicker you will see the results).

We believe that Jiu-jitsu is for EVERYBODY!!! Many students start BJJ training with little physical attributes and no ground fighting experience. They struggled at first, but with consistent training they eventually become good! Some are now World Class Black Belts!!! 

My point is this, “DON’T GET DISCOURAGED IF YOU AREN’T A NATURAL!” We will welcome you to the family and turn you into a quality Jiu Jitsu player!